The Reboot

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This is probably the toughest post to write. I mean, what do you write about when you’ve been at this on and off for over fifteen years?

I remember the good ol’ GeoCities days which started my little tryst with HTML. Blogging was fresh, something new. I used to post inane stuff, really. It was a personal diary – open to the entire world. From then on, it was BlogSpot, now Blogger, and multiple iterations of the “perfect” blog later, I realised I had lost the fun of it.

In today’s world of instant gratification, I wallowed in self-pity, when my ‘work’ was not getting the attention I thought it deserved. Therein, I made the biggest mistake of all. I stopped writing for myself. I tried copying trends, methods and styles to get attention.  I decided, somewhat foolishly in retrospect, that if I stuck to an idea – category, so to speak – and wrote with a strict schedule, I’d do well. Heck, all the self-help sites told me the same thing!

Obviously, it hasn’t worked. And I am okay with the fact that it may never, ever work. This is my ‘safe place’. This blog is going to be about nothing, and everything, and everything else in between. I am not going to worry about what the blog looks like, no fancy widgets (for now), no fancy fonts,  and, most importantly, I am not going to look at the stats for my posts. This is what it is, a conversation with myself.

Simply put, I am writing for myself.

If you like what I write, like, comment, and share. If you don’t, there are a million other blogs that you might.

But I do hope you enjoy this blog!

More coming soon!


Pradeep Ananth

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